Stunning Aircrafts attacks participate to make another Alan

Again stunning aircrafts attacks participate to make another Alan kurdi in Syria. Share picture has been viral around the world and mocking at all those human rights organizations which claim of number one around the world. Unfortunately, all those organizations are belonged to such countries from where these airstrikes are ordered directly or indirectly. It is said as recent air strike is made Russian to destroy some militants in Syria.

On the other hand, after getting viral that above said picture, Russian officials have denied to launch Aleppo airstrike that caused the reason to destroy boy’s home. Some of Russian officials are also accused to those local militants who are responsible for the whole country’s destruction. According to reports, that boy named Oman was got from rubble and was covered with dust.

He was not totally in his sense when it was sat in the ambulance chair. It was quite shocking for him as he also had another girl sitting to next chair, also victimized in the same air strike. Actually the picture again shook the whole world as the picture of Alan kurdi did in last few months back.

He was also dead due to drowning in water when he was with his parents who were trying to leave for another country to save their lives from militants. He was fallen from the boat and then seen in the seashore. He was dead and lying on the soil bed when it was saved in the picture. It was also very saddest picture ever which still reminds the helplessness of Syrian people.

Talking about present condition of Syria, different world powers are striking in Syria to mitigate the force of militants but it does not seem good. Most of the time, Syrian people are become the victim of their attacks and it makes history. Syrian people are in great trouble now a days and looking for help from Muslim Ummah.

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