Spectators Stuns with Mermaid Dazzles at Atlantis

Melissa Dawn, popular as real life Mermaid at Dubai was flown especially from Los Angles to UAE. The amazing lady is performing at amazing Aquarium of Atlantis Palm to stun the Spectators.

Thirty two year old American lady is capable of amazingly hold her breath for up to five minutes under water like a real mermaid. She was selected to perform in the beautiful Aquarium of Atlantis Palm during the trade fair. Dubai holds the annual trade fair since last week which attracted millions into the city in a short period of time.

Attending the trade fair at Atlantis Palm millions of spectators have also watched the amazing performance of real life mermaid. The fish like lady performs in different intervals and stuns the visitors at palm Dubai with amazing acrobats under water. Dressed in fish costume, Mellissa Dawn has also become center of attention for the children.

Children from across UAE and other Gulf countries are brought especially to Atlantis palm to watch the show. Many visitors coming from Europe and America have also witnessed the dazzling mermaid at the palm Aquarium. The world’s largest fish aquarium at Atlantis is also the most beautiful fish Aquarium in the world.

Video Link: http://taiznewspk.com/HUJUL

Dubai has become one of the busiest tourist and business destination in the world in past few years. Atlantis Palm becomes very crowded during the trade fair because of the visitors’ coming from across the globe. The amazing real like mermaid, Melissa Dawn also performs at Palm during the trade fair.

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