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Does UFOs exist – US Space Center Witnesses Strange UFOs

In these days, very hot talk is on the way about the UFOs especially in America. According to some experts they have seen some UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) in space near earth. However they are still in this effort to prove it as they are saying it right and there is nothing false in this whole story. They even have […]

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Rich Spends lavishly in London Hotels

When rich people in the society spend millions lavishly in London Hotels several orphans do not have a penny to eat. Actor and RJ Presenter Varun Panthi have set an example for the elite class of the society helping an orphan child. The amount spent unnecessarily in London Restaurants and Hotels can be given to orphans for god as well. […]

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Little baby survives after second birth in America

Off course, it was very heart-warming moment when only 10-year-old baby found alive from a pile of rubble after 17 hours in Italy. Actually, Italian people faced horribly moments yesterday when earthquake shook the one of famous city of Italy. She was being trapped by emergency officers and they got succeeded in it fortunately. According to international media, it was […]

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Camera footage captures real angel at Masjid Nabvi

Footage of real angel has become viral on social media captured at Masjid Nabvi. There are only two creatures that would be asked about their deeds in the Day of Judgment and would get punishment in the hell. One is the human being and other is the Real Angel. According to preaching of Islam, both are responsible for their deeds […]

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Animal of Wild Life Attack Furiously

Animal of the wild life attached furiously each other when a video of the fight between the huge lion and the dangerous anaconda was captured by one of the researcher of the channel. The reporter managed to record the whole footage that showed how dangerous lion and anaconda were. Lion was known to be the king of the jungle that […]

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Mermaid dazzles at Atlantis Palm Beach

Mermaid dazzles at the Atlantis Palm has stunned the spectators coming to UAE.  The closest thing to real life mermaids has been performing for the past week at an aquarium in Dubai. The mermaid known as Melissa Dawn was flown especially from Los Angeles to Dubai. She is entreating amazing crowd at Atlantis Palm during a trade event in UAE. […]

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