Mermaid dazzles at Atlantis Palm Beach

Mermaid dazzles at the Atlantis Palm has stunned the spectators coming to UAE.  The closest thing to real life mermaids has been performing for the past week at an aquarium in Dubai.

The mermaid known as Melissa Dawn was flown especially from Los Angeles to Dubai. She is entreating amazing crowd at Atlantis Palm during a trade event in UAE. Spectators hardly leave the trade show site without having a sneak on this amazing lady. People from across UAE and other gulf countries have come to Palm in great number to watch the rare fish like lady in real life.

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Melissa Dawn, 32 year old American lady has an amazing ability to hold her breath up to five minutes and swim under the Atlantis Palm water. Dressed like a real life mermaid when Ms. Dawn shows up at the bottom of Aquarium into the Dubai Mall, many hold their breath and watch her without blinking eye for split of a second.

The amazing lady form Los Angeles herself is also enjoying the best moments of her life at the Atlantis Palm. Performing like a real life mermaid was one of her biggest dreams in life. The dream has become real when Ms. Dawn performed at the Palm in the presence of several thousand people.

The Atlantis Palm has been very much crowded since last few weeks. Millions of visitors have come to Dubai in few weeks to attend the Trade fair. Melissa Dawn also becomes famous as a real life mermaid in the trade fair.

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