Hilarious competition between Arabs and Jews

Hilarious competition named to those two groups which are dancing on their separate party. People also called it as competition between Jews and Arabs in dancing sector. Once they showed the video clip in which Arabs were dancing in a group and then they also showed another video in which Jews were dancing in the same style.

Everybody knows as it was the combination of both video clips without any competition. Off course, it was done separately but someone critically named it as Jews and Arabs. Actually Arabs are doing it in real words. They have been busy in their luxurious lives and do not want to look around as what is happening around them. Their neighboring countries are being looted and destroyed by enemies and they have no problem at all.

All Arab countries also have resentments to one another due to which they are not united. Due to their resentments, enemy is getting advantages and they have ruined to Syria, Egypt and Lebanon dramatically. They have been reached very near to Saudi Arabia which is their main target to capture.

The video is right as Jews are dancing as they have right to dance as they are succeeding in their missions, however talking about other video, Muslims are also busy to dance due to which they are being massacred around the world. Muslims are being massacred in Palestine and there is no one to stop Israeli soldiers to do.

Muslims are being devastated everyday in Kashmir through Indian forces but we are here enjoying our lives. The whole Muslim Ummah has been completely unforgettable from their basics of Islam. We are rejected to Jihad due to which we are being dishonored everywhere around the world unfortunately. Above all, we could not safe our first Kaaba from the clutches of Jews which is also necessary. The purpose to share video is just to remind Muslims as this is what people are thinking about Muslims around the world.

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